The Mythos journal was founded in the latter part of 2018 at the Cataguases Unit (MG) of the UNIS Educational Group. Its primary mission was the dissemination of scholarly publications covering various fields of knowledge. Following the cessation of operations at the Cataguases Unit of the UNIS Group in 2023, the stewardship of Mythos transitioned to the Research Department, effective January 2024.


Qualis-CAPES Evaluation - 2017-2020 Quadrennium

Mythos Journal (1984-0098) is classified as B2 in the Education and Interdisciplinary areas in the Qualis-CAPES 2017-2020.



Mythos Journal is in the process of indexing its publications in major Brazilian and international indexers.


Closing Remarks

By embracing interdisciplinarity, Mythos is committed to expanding the boundaries of conventional knowledge. We invite researchers and academics to contribute their unique perspectives, connecting the pieces of the knowledge puzzle to form a more complete and enriching picture.

Join us on the journey to explore the frontiers of interdisciplinary knowledge, where the diversity of ideas is celebrated, and collaboration is the key to unraveling the mysteries that challenge our understanding of the world.


"Simple thinking solves simple problems without thought problems. Complex thinking does not solve problems by itself but constitutes help to the strategy that can solve them." Edgard Morin.

"Instead of being an interpreter, the scientist who embraces a new paradigm is like a man who uses inverted lenses. Faced with the same constellation of objects as before and aware of it, he finds them, nevertheless, totally transformed in many of their details." Thomas Kuhn.


Supporting Sources

Southern Minas Teaching and Research Foundation - FEPESMIG

Research Department of the UNIS Group.



To contact the editorial team of Mythos Journal, send an email to revistamythos@unis.edu.br or rodrigo.frogeri@professor.unis.edu.br