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Author Guidelines

Registration in the system:

Authors are requested to provide all their information in the registration and include it in the metadata. Special attention is requested for the inclusion of URL, Postal Address, and Biography Summary. In the URL, provide the link to the Lattes CV (Just if you are a Brazilian author), ORCID (mandatory), Scopus Author Id or ResearcherID. In the Biography Summary, include a text of approximately 50 words stating: education, qualification, affiliation, and research line. The Mythos journal operates with double-blind peer review. Therefore, the submission file should not contain the authors' names or any identification that could identifiy the authors.

Formatting Standard:

Articles should be submitted in the final publication format of the journal, according to the template (Click here to download), in .doc or .docx files in Portuguese, English, or Spanish. Submission in English is encouraged. If the article is a resubmission or an extended article previously published at an event, it should be highlighted at the beginning of the article, and modifications should be emphasized in yellow text.

Supplementary Documents:

Supplementary documents may be necessary, such as authorizations for the use of images/graphics/tables/frames from third parties.

Data available:

It is recommended that the data analyzed in the research be provided alongside the submission for the reviewers' reference and/or replication. This encompasses both qualitative and quantitative data. In the event that the article is accepted for publication, it is advised that the data be made accessible through public repositories such as Zenodo or Mendeley Data.

Editor Comments:

If the submission is a resubmission or a corrected version, it is necessary to include another file informing the editors how the reviewers' suggestions were incorporated into the text. If the submission is an extended article previously published at a scientific event, it is also necessary to include event data and a text informing the editors of the modifications incorporated into the article.

Duties to be observed:

Originality and Plagiarism: Authors must ensure that the works are entirely original, and if they make use of texts or images from others, they must be properly cited. The journal uses the Plagius system to check manuscript similarity. The maximum acceptable similarity limit is 20% for articles submitted to the Mythos journal sections.

Authorship: The authorship of the work should be restricted to those who made a significant contribution to the design, project, execution, or interpretation of the reported study. The lead author must ensure that all appropriate co-authors are included in the article, that all co-authors have seen and approved the final version of the manuscript, and that they have agreed to submit it for publication. Among the co-authors, at least one must be a Ph.D. holder.

Multiple, Redundant, and Simultaneous Publication: Authors should avoid self-plagiarism. Authors should also not submit the same work simultaneously to more than one journal.

Regarding the sources of information in the text: Authors must cite publications that were important in determining the nature of the manuscript, aiming for the recognition of the work of other authors. Information obtained in conversations, correspondence, or discussions with third parties should be used only with the explicit written permission of the source.

Errors in Published Works: When a significant error or inaccuracy is discovered in the published work, it is the authors' obligation to inform and/or cooperate with the editors to correct the article.

Research Funding Sources: It is the authors' responsibility to inform the sources of funds used for research.

Bibliographic Standards: The reference list must follow the recommendations of APA Style 7th edition. Citations should follow the recommendations of APA Style 7th edition. URLs and DOIs of references should be provided when available.

Submission Verification Items:

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check the compliance of the submission with all the items listed below. Submissions that do not comply with the Mythos journal standards will be returned to the authors.

1. The contribution is original and unpublished, and is not being evaluated for publication by another journal; otherwise, justification must be provided in a letter addressed to the editor-in-chief.

2. The submission file is in Microsoft Word format already formatted in the template (Click here to download) of the journal. Do not send PDF files. Files outside the format will be rejected.

3. The maximum file size accepted by the Mythos Journal system is 2MB. Files above 2MB should come without figures, which will be sent in a separate file. The text should clearly indicate the location of the figures.

4. All Internet page addresses (URLs) included in the text are active and ready to click.

5. The article includes titles in Portuguese and English, a summary and abstract (minimum of 200 and maximum of 250 words), and keywords (three to five words).

6. The article must have a minimum of 5000 words and a maximum of 10000 words. The objectives, research methods and procedures, results obtained, and theoretical contributions are clearly described in the body of the article.

7. The authors are fully responsible for the authorship of the article and the copyright of images, photos, and data included in the submitted work. If the author uses images or photos from third parties, they must have permission to use them in their article. Authorization to use images and photos from third parties must be signed by the copyright holder. It is the author's responsibility to verify the legality of the permission documents for the use of images and photos and keep the originals for presentation to the journal if requested.

8. All figures, tables, and frames have a declared source.

9. If there are sources of funding for research (public or private agencies), they have been reported. Follow the recommendation of funding agencies.

10. The reference list must follow APA Style 7th edition. URLs and DOIs of references should be provided when possible.

11. The authors are fully responsible for all necessary ethical approvals for research development and affirm that they have the necessary approvals. If it involves research with human subjects, the authors have the necessary ethical approvals according to the rules of the Brazil platform, available at [] or similar in other countries. Provide in the article the approval data from the research ethics committee and any conflicts of interest, when relevant to the content of the work.

Copyright Statement

Since January of 2024, the authors retain the copyright relating to their article and grant the journal Mythos, from FEPESMIG, the right of first publication, with the work simultaneously licensed under the  Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license (CC BY 4.0), as stated in the article’s PDF document. This license provides that the article published can be shared (allows you to copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format) and adapted (allows you to remix, transform, and create from the material for any purpose, even commercial) by anyone.