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Vol 21 No 1 (2024): Jan./Jun.

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The Technology as an Interdisciplinary Intersection

In the dynamic landscape of contemporary research, our inaugural issue of Mythos (Interdisciplinary) delves into the intricate realm where technology serves as a pivotal intersection across diverse disciplines. This theme underscores the profound impact of technology on various fields and the interconnected nature of advancements in science, engineering, humanities, and beyond.

We invite scholars and researchers to explore the multifaceted dimensions of technology's role as an interdisciplinary catalyst. The articles featured in this issue encapsulate innovative perspectives, collaborative endeavors, and insightful analyses that illuminate the symbiotic relationship between technology and diverse academic domains.

As we navigate this intellectual journey, we aim to uncover synergies that transcend traditional boundaries, fostering a holistic understanding of how technology shapes and is shaped by interdisciplinary endeavors. Join us in unraveling the narrative of "The Technology as an Interdisciplinary Intersection" as we embark on a collective exploration of the transformative power and far-reaching implications of technology across the academic spectrum.

Welcome to Mythos (Interdisciplinary), where we celebrate the convergence of ideas and the boundless possibilities that emerge at the intersection of technology and interdisciplinary exploration.

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Published: 2024-02-09

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